“I had the pleasure of being a part of the inaugural Lead Well event quite a few years ago and have since re-attended twice personally in addition to having my entire Executive Team and general management team attend.  Each time I’ve attended I’ve picked up something new that was meaningful and useful.  The first time I attended I was a General Manager responsible for 40 employees and today I am the CEO of a $100 million company responsible for over 600 employees and I have found myself referring back to the Lead Well content frequently over the years!”

- David Fuess

CEO, Catapult Systems


“Too many times the terms ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ are used as though they are the same thing.  Management training courses and college degrees abound.  But being a manager isn’t the same thing as being a leader. Unfortunately, all too often the development of people into being effective leaders isn’t even considered to be a need for a high performing organization.  I have found the Lead Well curriculum to be an excellent staff development resource to intentionally grow good managers into great leaders as well. Don McMinn is a skilled, experienced master teacher who models leadership and is a worthy mentor for aspiring leaders.” 

- Harvey Fishero

President & CEO, Medical Center of Plano (1996-2008)